As in any crisis, much speculation surrounds the participants.  Those who are privy to such information may feel compelled, for the good of the church, to coverup such information.  However, many in the pews demand accountability and change.  Certainly, we have the example of the Roman Catholic Church and its accountability for systematically ignoring decades of child abuse.

It is hoped that those involved will find a measure of healing and eventually, a sense of closure, as they rebuild their lives and move forward.  It is hoped that First Congregational Church UCC of Owosso, Michigan will be able to rebuild and move forward.

While I am thankful that none of the allegations against Reverend Jim Eaton rose to the level of criminal culpability, I am disheartened that the church council has failed in its duties to the congregation and the young ladies of the church.  This failure has resulted in wild speculation regarding Reverend Eaton that not only harms him so much more than the truth, but also harms the young ladies who have already suffered, and the church.  I hope that the information contained herein will accurately reflect the events which lead to Reverend Jim Eaton’s resignation and provide a platform for truth, righteousness, and healing for all.

We are a people sharing life’s journey.  We don’t have all the answers, but we do have each other  and we have at our center, the profound peace that we comes from knowing God is walking with us.  Sometimes, we celebrate.  Sometimes, we lament, especially we lament the events which lead to the sudden resignation of Reverend James E. Eaton.  As we move forward, we  hope to find healing, through Christ, for the young ladies of our congregation, our congregation, and for Reverend Jim Eaton and his family.

Secrecy Won’t Heal a Scandal


Disgraced exists due to the failure of the church council of First Congregational Church of Owosso, Michigan to provide any information regarding the resignation from its pastorate of the Reverend James E. Eaton and to chronicle the healing process of the congregation and those involved.

It is not a publication of First Congregational Church, which may be contacted:

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